Academic Units

The Major of Gems and Crafts

Training Objectives: Develop advanced technical professionals who have good nature, social morality and vocational ethics, strict scientific work style and good health. They shall use modern scientific knowledge, modern gemological theories, techniques and advanced technical methods to contribute to socialism modernization in the fields of gem and jade research and identification, gem marketing management and gem enterprise management, and shall have explorative and innovative spirit and practical capabilities.

Main Courses: Geology Basics, Crystallography and Mineralogy, Gemological Optics, Crystal Optics and Optical Mineralogy, Introduction to Material Science, Material Chemistry and Physics, Gemological Identification Equipment, Gem Identification, Jewelry Design and Production Technology, Gem Cutting Design And Processing Technology, Chinese Ancient Jade Artifacts and Jade Culture, Causes Behind Gem Colors, Gem Resources, Gem Trade Rules, Gem Business Management, etc.

Duration: 4 years full-time study

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Features: The major is a crossover of geology, material science and other subjects. It has duel characteristics of both science and engineering.

Career Fields: Jewelry companies, commerce and trade, gem research and testing, travelling, banks, auction company, etc.

Program System: Undergraduate Course; Gems and Materials, Code: 080410T

Master Course: Gemology Code: 0709Z1

Material Engineering (gems and materials) Code: 085204

Doctoral Course: Gemology Code: 0709Z1