Academic Units

Special Advantages

Pioneer in China and “Cradle of Gemological Education”

In 1988, GIC introduced the world-leading FGA training system and commenced gemological education in China. In 1994, it successfully launched China’s first gem and diamond certificate course – GIC’s gem and jade appraiser occupational training course. The GIC brand was then established, and nearly 40,000 trainees underwent training and received GIC, FGA and DGA certifications. GIC’s alumni are widely distributed across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. GIC is considered as the “cradle of gemological education” for its outstanding teaching achievements.

Comprehensive Degree Education System

In 1994, GIC commenced providing graduate education, and then established independent bachelor, master and doctoral courses in gemology, systematically constructing complete degree education system of jewelry major. At present, there are 2 graduate majors: Gems and Crafts (national level characteristic major) and Gems and Crafts (jewelry design); 4 master subjects/major: gemology, material engineering (gem materials), design (Hubei provincial key subject) and art design; and 1 doctoral subject/major in gemology.

Facing the World with a Global Perspective

GIC has a highly international education level. Since its establishment it has set up close cooperation with international mainstream gemological institutes in education, research and other related activities. It has now set up joint training programs, teacher exchange programs, scientific and technological cooperation, academic exchanges and other cooperation with many famous international gem and jewelry education institutes such as BIAD, UCA, INSEEC, ESC, ING, RIT and GIA.

Integrate Industry, University, Research and Application to Service Industry

Industry, university, research and application are closely integrated. Servicing industry and local economy is the institute’s features. Every year GIC provides the jewelry industry thousands of trained professionals, and has set up laboratories in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhushan, Yichang and several other places. GIC has advanced gem testing technology, high-end equipment and efficient services, which are highly praised by the industry. Gem and jewelry identification equipment researched and produced by GIC have received many national patents and are sold in many countries and regions. The finished or under constructed projects directed and planned by GIC, such as Hubei Zhushan Turquoise Resource Protection and Orderly Development Program, Hubei Yichang International Jewelry Industry Park, Wuhan Huangpi Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Cultural and Industrial Park, “Lumo Road Jewelry Culture Street” and “Wuhan • Chinese Gem Valley” have or will have huge impact on local industrial development and economic restructuring.