Academic Units

The Major of Jewelry Design

Training Objectives: Students shall be educated to have good nature, social morality and vocational ethics, high cultural and artistic capabilities, strict scientific work style and good health, good psychological quality and explorative spirit. They shall be able to use modern technology and knowledge, gem design and processing skills, and advanced scientific methods for jewelry design and processing, planning and design of jewelry brands, artistic jewelry design, gem shaping and design, gem packaging, exhibition and advertisement design, image design for gem companies, and gem design and processing research, to become advanced technical and design talents in such fields.

Main Courses: Art Design Principles, Introduction to Jewelry, Computer Aided Design, Jewelry Technology Basics, Traditional Jewelry Crafts, Gem Mosaic Process, Comprehensive Jewelry Processing, Jade Sculpture, Jewelry Design, Jewelry Drawings, Computer Aided Jewelry Design, Gem Cutting Design and Processing, Jewelry Packaging and Exhibition Design, Modern Jewelry Production Processes, Wax Carving and Casting, Metal Weaving, Jewelry Subject Creation, Jewelry Design Experiments, Jewelry Drawing Experiments, Computer Aided Jewelry Design Experiments, Basic Jewelry Technology Experiments, Traditional Jewelry Technology Experiments, Comprehensive Jewelry Experiments, Gem Cutting Design Experiments, Wax Carving and Jade Carving Experiments, Metal Weaving And Jewelry Subject Creation Experiments, etc.

Duration: 4 years full-time study

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Features: The major is a crossover between art design and gemology. The education mission is to insist the coexistence of artistry and commerciality, take the complete industry chain knowledge education as the baseline, have traditional handicraft and modern technology application as the core, and internationalize talents training as standard for conveying talents to the society.

Career Fields: Large and medium-sized companies of jewelry design, production and trading; handicraft design and production enterprises; high-end gem design studios and universities and colleges.

Program System: Undergraduate Course; Product Design (jewelry design), Code: 130504

Master Course: Design (jewelry design), Code: 13050

Art Design (jewelry design and processing)Code: 135108