Academic Units

Li Juzi

Juzi Li, male, associate professor, PhD. of Gemology, appraiser of CGC, and CPV(G), national senior examiner of precious metals, diamonds, jewelry and jades, a committee member of Vocational Skills Appraisal Expert Committee of Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in Hubei province, visiting scholar of the University of Alabama of America from Feb. 2014 to Nov. 2015, and the member of TMS of America, and reviewer of the Journal of Alloys and Compounds. He is mainly engaged in precious metal materials, jewelry techniques, and jewelry and jades materials.

 Paper Published

[1]Juzi Li, Ruihua Wu, Luchuan Shi, Huang Xin. Precious Metals in Jewelry Polishing Ashes with ICP-MS, 2009,30(04),48-50 .

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[12] Juzi Li, Can the Addition of Two Trace Elements Significantly Strengthen Pure Gold?, The Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, 2015,231-248. [EI].

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Teaching Materials

[M], Gems Setting Techniques, People's Arts Press, Shanghai.

 Textbooks and Teaching Materials

Compiling Chapter Five of Diamond Gemology

Compiling Precious Metals Jewelry, Diamonds, Gems Appraiser, National Professional Standards, China Labor and Social Security Publishing Press, 2002-5-1


1.Discipline teaching team for young teachers sponsored by basic research funding for central universities in 2009 CUG090111- The Research on the Hardening Mechanism of Gold;  Project source: National level, rank second;

2.Practice Instruction for Jewelry Making Course (SJC-200918)  Project source: School level, preside;

The Research on Bilingual Course Construction of Modern Jewelry Production Technology (2009B26)  Project source: School level, preside.

3.The Research on the Casting Properties of Microalloy Gold and Hard Gold Material in Jewelry Production Technology  Project source: Institute level, preside;

4.Recycling and Purification of Gold and Platinum Elements in Polishing Ashes of Jewelry Processing,  Project source: Institute level, preside;

5.Quality course construction on the Introduction of Jewelry;  Project source: School level, participate;

6.Natural Science Foundation in Hubei provinceResearch on the Hardening Mechanism of Pure Gold Microalloy in Jewelry”; duration: 2014.1-2015.12 Project source: Provincial level, preside.