Academic Units

Gao Hancheng


Gao Hancheng, male, born in 1963, instructor, is currently teaching at the Gemmological Institute of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Gao has been engaged in art design, painting creation, jade carving design and jewelry art teaching for many years. He has exhibited his works both at home and abroad which are collected by both domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.

Education Background

1985-1989 graduated from the Stage Design Department of Shanghai Theater Academy, achieved bachelor diploma.

2008-2009, a student of Yuan Jiaqi , the Chinese crafts and arts master for jade carving design.

Working Experience

      1985-1989 graduated from the Stage Design Department of Shanghai Theater Academy, 

      achieved bachelor diploma.

      1989-1992 Advertisement Decoration Company in Shanghai

      1992-2003 Song and Dance Theater of Hubei province

      2003 till now,  the Gemmological Institute of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Professional Achievements

     1. Gao Hancheng, Participate in the Human and Social Science Base Project Inheritance and Innovation - on the Innovation and Design of Contemporary Jade Carvings of Hubei province in 2014

     2. Gao Hancheng, A Brief Analysis of the Development and Evolution of Chinese Ancient Dragon- shaped Jade Articles [J], The Collection and Investment Journal, 2011, 33

     3. Xiao Jiasheng & Gao Hancheng Traditional Tiger Painting, Shanghai University Press, 2011, 2

     4. Liu Yangang & Zhang Qifeng & Gao Hancheng, Sketch Gesso Facial Features, Shanghai University Press, 2010, 5

     5. Take part in the writing of the sixth chapter Jewelry Advertisement and Exhibition Art of the quality course Introduction to Jewelry in 2010

     6 Zhang Ronghong & Lu Xiao & Gao Hancheng, Contemporary Miao Ethnic Group Jewelry and Technology in Guizhou, China [J]Journal of Gems & Gemmology, 2006,1.

     7 Bao Deqing & Gao Hancheng, Sketch of Yunnan Bai and Naxi Ethnic Group Silver Products Technology , Journal of Gems & Gemmology, 2005,1

     8 Sun Zhongming & Gao Hancheng & Zhang Ronghong, Preliminary Discussion on the Art of Jewelry Advertisement[J], Journal of Gems & Gemmology, 2005,1

     9 Xie Jintian & Zhang Tianzhi & Gao Hancheng, Beginning of Watercolor Painting,Still Life, Shanghai University Press,2005