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Cun Fabiao

Cun Fabiao, Bai ethnic group, born in 1962, Xinhua village, Heqing county, Dali city, Bai autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province, China. He started to be an apprentice of his father when he was 16 years old and had traveled to almost all minority ethnic group areas of the frontier of Yunnan province as well as parts of Guizhou, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia autonomous regions and Gansu province and other provinces. Being talented and wise, Cun integrated the essence of ancestral craftwork into modern aesthetics, forming his own unique style of craftsmanship.

In 1987, at the age of 25, Cun made folk craftwork in Lhasa. One leader from the Department of Civil Affairs of Tibet Autonomous Region discovered his talent, specially appointed him as manager of the Department of Civil Products Manufacturing of Tibet Welfare Company. During this period, he created the bronze sculpture the Potala Palace, was chosen as a valuable gift for the United States delegation by the autonomous region. And China Daily (English version) and the Tibet Daily made a special report on him.

Cun went back to his hometown from Tibet in 1996 and established Yunnan Heqing Biaoxiang Jiulong Handicrafts Manufacturing Factory, making the Jiulong series of products into reality, which has been lingered in his mind for many years. Jiulong series of products are very popular and highly praised by experts and scholars for its exquisite craftsmanship and always are short of supply. Besides the Jiulong series of products, other handicrafts for tourism like bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, knives and silver bowls are exported to over 10 countries and regions, like the United States and Southeast Asia and so on. In 1999, Mr. Jin Yong was awarded the "honorary citizenship" by the Dali municipal government, and the golden key given to Mr. Jin Yong to open the gate of Dali was also designed by Mr. Cun. For many years, CCTV, Yunnan TV, Phoenix TV, America National Television, Thailand National Television, People's Daily, Yunnan Daily, Hongkong Wehui Newspaper, and many other media at home and abroad, all made special report on him. Besides, leaders from many countries, experts and scholars at home and abroad, come to his factory for a visit .

In 1999, CunFabiao was entitled "Senior Folk Artist of Yunnan" by Culture Department of Yunnan autonomous region. And Dali prefecture government honored him as“Rural Elite Talent” and one of the first“Model of Labor of Dali”. In 2004, he was honored the Master of Folk Craftworkby UNESCO. In 2005 and 2006, Yunnan autonomous region government entitled him one of the Ten Talented Craftsman of Yunnan andTalents With Skills to Boost the Economy of Yunnan respectively.

In the past decades, the scale of handicraft workshop in Village Xinhua Bai ethnic group was continuing to expand and the quality of products was constantly improved because of the support of Party committee and government at all levels as well as the leadership of Mr.Cun. In the meantime, village Xinhua also was rated as "Hometown of Chinese Folk-art", "Chinese Folk Culture Village" and "Charming Town of Yunnan".

In November, 2008, Cun’s craftwork“Jiulong Hotpotmade of pure silver won the gold medal of “Garden of Natural Arts, Hundred- Flower Cup

In October, 2012,  his work Supreme Treasure Box won the silver medal of“Garden of Natural Arts, Hundred-Flower Cup

In 2012, Cun was awarded one of the “Ten Leading Figures”in  arts and crafts of Yunnan autonomous region.  

In November,2013, his work Peaceful Unification won the silver medal of Guoxin, Hundred-Flower Cup

In 2013, Cun was awarded "Outstanding Figure" of Chinese arts and crafts in 2013