Academic Units

Shen Xitian

Shen Dianxi, PhD, professor, doctoral supervisor, born in 1962, Gaoxiong, Taiwan, Han ethnic group, ancestral home is Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

1. 1986, Bachelor of Geology in Taiwan University; Pre-Ph.D research assistant of Geophysical Laboratory in Carnegie Mellon University.

2. 1994, PhD of Mineral Physics of Cornell University in America.

3. Postdoctoral fellow of Baverisches Geoinstitut in Bavaria, Germany.

4. Assistant professor of Department of Geosciences and Mineral Physics in University of Cambridge.

5. Associate researcher of Academy of Geology and Planetary Sciences in California Institute of Technology.

6. Early 2004, researcher in Gemological Institute of America.

7. 2012, being selected by Hubei Hundred Talents Plan;  In the Autumn of 2013, working in Gem Institute as a distinguished professor of the Hubei Hundred Talent Plan.

8. 48 SCI and SCIE papers have been published so far (including a Nature article).

9. Editorial committee for both American Gems & Gemology and  Journal of Gems & Gemmology.

Main current research work:

1. Diamond colour center study

2. Nano inclusion of diamond and other gemstones.

3. Application of trace elements, isotope geochemistry, statistical method to gem origin and enhancement processing identification.

Other research fields:

1. experimental mineral physics of high temperature and high pressure .

2. Research on melt and liquid in Hydrothermal Diamond-anvil Cell.