Academic Units

Chen Meihua

Chen Meihua, 48 years old, Ph.D., professor, graduated from the department of petro-mineralogy of former Wuhan Geological College in 1986, and is currently a faculty of the Gem Institute of China University of Geosciences.  6/1999, Ph.D in Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposits, China University of Geosciences; 1995, achieving FGA and DGA ; 10/1997,  Technology Invention and Innovation Star issued by Technical Information Promotion System of the United Nations; 1990, professional qualification of gemstone appraiser issued by State Bureau of  Technical Supervision; 1/2003, Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education; 2009, the Second-level Award for Teaching Achievements in Higher Institutions in Hubei.  

Presiding and participating in research of twelve subjects:

1.1986-90, Participating in the "the Seventh Five-year Plan" ,key technology projects of the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources (86010-2)-Major Volcanic  

Rock Series and Related Mineralization in “Sanjiang” Area.  

2. May,1995, Participating in 305 project, sub-project research of diamond mineralization-Research on Northern Marginal Alkaline Zone and Metallogenic Conditions of Rare Earth, Gem-jade and Diamond in Tarim. (96-   915-04-05 ).    

3.1998, Participating in Natural Science Fund Projects- Research on Treatment Process of Irradiation and Color Alteration, Colour Origin of Goshenite in Sichuan(49772096).  

4.1998,Participating in key Projects National Natural Science Fund-Subject on Research of Chemical Heterogeneity in Eastern China Mantle and the Typical Area of Lithosphere.(49733110).  

5.2003, Presiding National Natural Science Fund Projects- The Heterogeneity in Diamond Growth Process and Its Deep Earth Significance (40272021).  

6.2003-2004, Participating in the project of Science and Technology Breakthrough Project in Hubei: Quantitative Grading and Evaluation of Jade Jewelry and Carving Quality2003AA301C110.  

7.2004-2006, Participating in International Cooperation Project- The Genetic Characteristics of Rock Association of Olivinite and Eclogite(Composite Pluton) in Sino-Russian Orogenic Belt (Fold Belt) and Kimberlite Pipes(agreed item0405, backed by fund 40272021).  

8.2007-2010, Participating in National Natural Science Fund Key Projects-The Contrast of Olivinite Mantle and Craton Destruction Process of Different Time and Space(90714002).  

9.2005-2007, Presiding project of Gemmological Institute: HIHP experimental approach to brown diamond.  

10.2008-2010, Presiding project of Gemmological Institute: Experimental Approach to Synthetic Jadeite.  

11.2011, Presiding cooperative project: Overall Plan of Jade Industry Development in Luodian , Guizhou .  

12.2011 to now, Presiding cooperative project: Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition(MPCVD) in Synthethizing Single Crystal Diamond Study.  

·     A total of more than 20 articles are published. In recent years, more work has been done on the treatment and synthesis of important gems, such as, the joint processing of colored diamond, the processing of rubies, sapphire, aquamarine, the synthesis of jade, the synthesis of CVD diamond, measuring technique of diamond spectroscopy with good progress. For the last 25 years of teaching, many explorations and attempts have been made in the fields of teaching, scientific research, testing and scientific and technological services in the field of gemology. In addition, the professor, also has a comprehensive recognition and understanding in gemological discipline and degree and vocational education.