Academic Units

Bao Deqing


male, born in December,1962. Bachelor of Science of China University of Geosciences(Wuhan);Master of Business Administration(MBA) 0f Zhongnan University of Economics and Law;The present professor of Gemmological Institute of China University of Geosciences, director of gem department.

Working Experience

July,1985 to September,1988:   Audio-visual Education Center of China University of Geosciences. September,

1988 to now: Teaching in Gemmological Institute; Engaged in Gem Processing Technology, Jewelry Marketing Management, Jade Trading, Evaluation of Training course successively; achieving certificates of FGA,GIC in 1994,and CGC in 1999.

Areas of Interest

Jewelry corporate management jewelry marketing jade commercial studies

Additional Topics

jade market

diamond market

corporate management

jewelry marketing

jewelry luxury management



1995, Practical Gem Processing technology, China University of Geosciences Press. 2005, Jewelry Marketing , China University of Geosciences Press. 2010, Jade Commerce and Trade , China University of Geosciences Press.

Research Project:

(1) Computer-Aided System for Jewelry Corporate Operation and Management

(2) Research on Mode about Taiwan Jewelry Corporate Entering in Mainland Market

(3) Research on Possibility about Taiwan Coral Occupying Mainland Market

(4) Approach to Mode about Professional Education for Jewelry Marketing and Management

(5) Jade Identification and Construction and Perfection of Commerce Course

(6) Proposal for Personnel Quality Improvement in Baitai Jewelry Chain Operation

Scientific Paper:

(1) Bao Deqing, Gao Hancheng."Silver Craft Sketch of Bai and Naxi Ethnic Groups in Yunnan ." Journal of Gems & Gemmology, No.1(2005).

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